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This is the LAUNCH of The Jenerosity Show and I am your host Jennifer Evans… Inspiring you to give, serve and love your way to a happier and healthier life.

On this first episode, I am honored to have Tani Austin, Co-Founder of Starkey Hearing Foundation, a true humanitarian, innovator, and arguably one of the most impactful philanthropists of our time. Tani will be LIVE streaming from a hearing mission in KENYA where she, her husband Bill Austin and the Starkey team are providing hundreds of people with the gift of hearing.

Tani Austin……

Tani Austin is the Co-Founder at Starkey Hearing Foundation and Chief Philanthropy Officer at Starkey Hearing Technologies. Tani has more than 35 years of experience in the hearing healthcare industry, including: maintaining her own hearing aid practice for 10 years and serving as the Illinois Department of Public Health Practicum Examiner for licensure of hearing aid dispensers, Secretary of the Illinois Hearing Society, and on the National Board of Certification in Hearing Sciences.

Tani Austin has a deep-rooted passion for helping those in need, and for her, that starts with giving everyone access to hearing. In her role, she executes the company’s philanthropic efforts, focusing on improving hearing health across the world and other important humanitarian causes in our local community and beyond.

Named Female Philanthropist of the Year and honored at the First Ladies Summit at the UN General Assembly in 2015, Tani volunteers the majority of her time to Starkey Hearing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity. The Foundation is the world’s largest hearing healthcare charity.

Tani, along with her husband, Bill Austin, Co-Founder of Starkey Hearing Technologies and Founder, Principal Owner and CEO of Starkey Hearing Technologies, travels with the Foundation on hearing mission trips the majority of the year. Tani Austin’s relentless efforts volunteering for Starkey Hearing Foundation has helped it become a global force in empowering local communities to develop sustainable, community-based systems of hearing health care.

The Foundation has touched the lives of individuals with the greatest need in more than 100 countries and on every continent except Antarctica, providing primary ear care services, hearing screenings, hearing aids, batteries, and repair and replacement of hearing aids, as necessary. In addition to providing hearing healthcare services, the Foundation has developed a formalized process for building, running, and evaluating a community-based hearing healthcare program and has established that program in more than 60 countries to date−where people in the country are paid to work and provide services to the poor.

Tani’s commitment to philanthropy goes beyond hearing. By supporting a multitude of both local and global charitable causes, her inspiring vision and selfless dedication has helped change countless lives.

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